About the Institute

Who we are

The Healius Institute is the dedicated educational arm of Healius medical centres. In line with Healius’ focus on providing quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to all Australians, the Institute was established in 2014 to support Doctors, Registrars and Medical Students to do their best work possible. 

Our aim is to foster an environment of continual learning, development and connectivity that results in better care for the patients at our centres. Whether you are a Registrar starting out your career or you are a GP who has been practicing for 30 years, we are here to help you develop your skills in the area you desire. Our goal is to empower young professionals through knowledge and support so they can thrive in their chosen career path and to provide experienced practitioners the opportunity to up-skill or deepen their knowledge.

The Institute has grown to a nationwide network of leading specialists who develop and deliver education and training across a wide range of clinical and health management topics. This kind of central business support is unique in the Australian medical industry and accessible to all healthcare professionals at Healius centres.

What we do

At the Healius Institute it’s our goal to introduce the younger generation of GPs and health professionals to an outstanding career in General Practice. To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Sourcing, coordinating, developing and implementing industry leading training for Doctors and Medical Professionals on CPD related and other material.
  • Providing a dedicated internal Registrar Program that works with a Regional Training Provider. From on-boarding through the full lifecycle of training to a potential transition to contractor, we aim to make the process as seamless and successful as possible.
  • Partnering with universities and higher education providers to make learning resources and practical experiences available to the next generation of Medical Professionals.
  • Ensuring that Registrars and Medical Students within Healius are exposed to best practice supervision, a wide range of patients and best practice in learning.