Dr Kevin Bullen

Dr Kevin Bullen

Chief Clinical Officer

About Dr Kevin Bullen

Dr Kevin Bullen is the Chief Clinical Officer at Healius. In this role, Kevin is responsible for ensuring the highest quality clinical standards across Healius’ network of practitioners and engaging with teams and individuals to ensure they get the support they need to deliver the best possible medical care.

As part of this role, Kevin oversees the Healius Institute and its dedication to educating and training the medical professionals and students that are part of the Healius community. He supports the Institute in establishing joint programs with universities and other industry organisations.

Dr Bullen continues to practice clinically one day a week at Healius’ Warringah Medical and Dental Centre, providing him with great insight into the pressures that doctors face. He shares the philosophy of wanting to provide the best possible care for his patients. It is this philosophy that always remains at the forefront of his role as Chief Clinical Officer in his aim to provide excellent education and support to the clinical team at Healius’ medical centres so they can do just that – provide the best possible care.