Mark Priddle

Mark Priddle

Head of Institute

About Mark Priddle

Mark oversees the strategic direction and management of the Healius Institute. He has been part of the Institute leadership since its inception in 2014, when it was started as part of Healius’ commitment towards providing the best possible medical care to all Australians.

In his role, Mark strives to ensure that all practitioners at Healius’ medical centres not only have access to high quality and relevant training but are also supported in their roles. Under Mark’s guidance, the team at the Institute provide hands on support to practitioners every day – allowing them to focus on their work and providing the best possible care for their patients.

Mark’s focus is on building a point of connectivity and a source of education for practitioners at Healius, and beyond. He seeks partnerships with external organisations to provide training that meets the needs and interests of practitioners.

Prior to his time at Healius, Mark has been a director at a regional training provider and has extensive experience in both national and international higher education. He has been involved in building graduate programs from the ground up and his expertise has played an important part in establishing the unique facility the Institute represents: A specialist training program for registrars as well as a leading education facility for practitioners.