Michael Archibald

Michael Archibald

Registrar Manager

About Michael Archibald

Michael’s key responsibility is to expand and facilitate the young professional network at Healius. His role is fairly unique in the health care industry, being a role dedicated to liaison and support for registrars, supervisors and medical students across Healius’s large network of medical centres. Michael will provide support to the practices and registrars across the full lifecycle of training from accreditation and on-boarding, all the way through to a potential transition to a contractor.

Michael works closely with multiple regional training providers and universities across Australia, playing a key role in streamlining all aspects of registrar and medical student placements within Healius centres.

With education and training becoming a key focus for today’s GP, Michael’s role is a key asset in assisting those doctors with an interest in teaching to pick it up as quickly and efficiently as possible within a Healius practice. The Institute also ensures supervisors within the Healius network have access to continued training and up-skilling to ensure Healius is offering the best possible placement and experience for registrars and students.

Prior to his role at the Institute, Michael spent over three years at Healius, joining as part of the Graduate program before working across multiple internal divisions, including Practice Management, Specialists, Physiotherapy and Relationship Management.