Parul Goplani

Parul Goplani

Education Support Officer – WA/SA

About Parul Goplani

Parul started with Healius as a receptionist and has since developed her understanding of the company and clinical software used in daily practice. She is part of the team of education support officers at Healius and looks after practitioners in Western Australia and South Australia. The education support officers at Healius provide both training support as well as a liaison role for the health care professionals, often being the first point of call for any questions. 

As part of this role, Parul provides training on clinical software as well as support for practitioners to meet their individual and group learning requirements. Parul, like the other support officers at Healius, will also provide a liaison role to all health care practitioners. From providing support on their first day at a new centre, to completing paper work related to training requirements, to ongoing software support and many other queries, she will be happy to assist the practitioners.   

Parul’s degree in Physiology and Pathology, coupled with her administrative experience in the company, gives her a keen insight into the healthcare industry.