As a Registrar at Healius you will become part of the Healius Institute’s network. You will gain access to an advanced learning platform, offering you a vast array of online training, educational articles and exam hints. You will also enjoy the practical experience from working at one of Healius’ medical centres – with their diverse patients and patient-first approach you are sure to find many learning opportunities at our centres.

The Institute offers more than just educational support to Healius’ Registrars. With a dedicated Registrar Manager and Educational Support Officers in each state, there is always help at hand. From the first contact with Healius, through a Registrar Orientation Workshop, to medical software training, support with paperwork to a potential transition to contractor – you will have a contact person to help with all of these.

The Institute works closely with regional training providers to support the national GP Training Program and provide a range of unique opportunities that are designed to develop your skills and help you in gaining fellowship.

Healius’ GP Registrar Program ensures you gain invaluable experience while learning your trade, with benefits such as:

  • A positive learning environment – you’ll have access to enthusiastic Supervisors, quality facilities and other medical specialists onsite. You’ll also enjoy both formal and informal teaching, such as ‘corridor sessions’.
  • Ongoing administration support – receive assistance with your paperwork and always have your questions answered.
  • Access to online training and articles – you will have access to our Learn 360 platform which holds a vast array of online training modules as well as educational articles and case studies.
  • Free hands on up-skilling and exam preparation workshops – each year the Institute runs a series of free practical events on a range of topics including mock OSCE, skin cancer workshops and exam prep.

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