Our commitment to young GPs

An overview of the Institute's activities in 2018

The Institute is committed to investing in the careers of young healthcare professionals by providing them with an extensive support network and development opportunities during their time at Healius. In the past six months, the Institute is proud to have hosted various events that have entrenched their commitment to providing opportunities for young GPs.

GP Registrar Orientation Program

With a focus on welcoming and furthering the education of young doctors, the GP Orientation Program provides training on essential practice elements, opportunities for building professional networks and presents useful advice to help registrars pass their exams.

This year, Healius invited a cohort of about 40 registrars to our head office in St Leonards where they heard from Mark Priddle, Head of the Institute, and Dr Malcolm Parmenter, our CEO.

Registrars where given an overview of our business and tips on how to make the most of their time at Healius. They were also introduced to Healius’s Imaging and Pathology divisions, with talks by Dr Tim Mander Jones, Dr Andrew Carter and Dr Adrian Cachia. They also received a crash course in financial education by a guest speaker from Commonwealth Bank, Michael King.

Dr Shirley Fung spoke to registrars about how to make sense of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) before providing invaluable hints and tips on the RACGP fellowships exams.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the registrars had the opportunity to have their questions answered and gained a greater sense of confidence knowing they have access to the comprehensive support system. The support provided by the Institute helps ensure that up-and-coming GPs become sought-after professionals that offer high quality and accessible healthcare.

Supervisor workshop program

At Healius we recognise the importance that GP Supervisors have in educating the next generation of GPs. And so, the Institute is committed to providing supervisors with quality resources and support.

In February, the Institute hosted its increasingly popular Supervisor Workshop in St Leonards. The workshop welcomed supervisors from across Australia to take part in an interactive session where they were able to share ideas and experiences with other GP supervisors, academics and medical educators.

During the workshop, supervisors had the opportunity to hear from many speakers and discuss a range of topics to help hone their skills as GP supervisors. The session included a talk from 2017's Supervisor of the Year recipient, Dr Fadi Abouzeid, who shared his experiences and insights on how to succeed as a supervisor.

Other talks the supervisors found valuable included Dr Shirley Fung and Mark Priddle's discussion on "difficult conversations" as well as the "Future of GP training" presented by Mark Miller, RACGP.

Supervisors enjoyed networking with their colleagues, being able to identify common challenges and working on solutions towards common goals.

"It was important to us that supervisors felt they were receiving quality help and information and it was great to hear all the excellent feedback from the day," said Dr Shirley Fung.

Youth and Wisdom: The Supervisor and Registrar dinner

In February, the Institute hosted an evening dedicated to celebrating and thanking our registrars and supervisors for their hard work. A group of over eighty registrars, supervisors and specials guests enjoyed dinner at Manjit’s At The Wharf, in Syndey, where they were welcomed by Dr Malcolm Parmenter. 

The dinner was also an opportunity for budding GPs to exchange knowledge with more experienced colleagues. As a bit of fun, guests were also put into teams to compete against other tables in a Youth and Wisdom quiz.